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2014 Retrospective: Episode 106

What was 2014 really like for Government contractors? Featured guests: Anne Rung, Administrator, Office of Federal Procurement Policy, Office of [...]

A View From Both Sides: Episode 104

Lessons learned from former Chief Procurement Officer at Department of Homeland Security, Dr. Nick Nayak. Topics: • future major acquisition [...]

Negotiating With The Government: Episode 102

Negotiations is a very important area within contract management. In this episode we discuss putting together your team, developing your [...]

Procurement Fraud: Episode 101

Are we winning the war against procurement fraud? Department of Justice officials discuss how the DOJ Fraud Detection Office identifies [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Contract Debriefings: Episode 100

Is there a stigma associated with contract debriefings? Learn about the government's perception of debriefings, who should attend them, how [...]

Contracting with Customs & Border Protection: Episode 99

How can contractors find the best opportunities at the Customs & Border Protection Agency? Procurement officials from the agency weigh [...]

Social Media & The GSA: Episode 98

How the government uses social media as a communications tool to amplify its message. Featuring Jeff Koses, Senior Procurement Executive, [...]

Analyzing The Small Business Scorecard: Episode 96

The Small Business Administration released its annual procurement scorecard grading federal agencies for their efforts in awarding federal contracts to [...]

Introduction to GSA: Episode 94

The General Services Administration is front and center in the world of federal contracting, but many people know very little [...]

Ethics in GovCon: Episode 83

What is the ideal relationship that should exist between contractors and government? Our guests cover ethical issues and compliance risks [...]

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