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Looking Ahead to 2015: Episode 107

For many government contractors, the year 2014-while better than 2013-was not a return to the "good old days." So how [...]

The Return of Joe Jordan: Episode 93

Former OFPP Administrator, Joe Jordan and now President of Public Sector at FedBid explains why he left the top job [...]

Tips For Success in Government Contracting: Episode 91

Learn how successful contractors are thriving through excellent capture planning, a strategic focus on national security, disciplined processes for managing [...]

Growth Strategies for Government Contractors: Episode 85

Learn which strategies can help you grow your market and revenue share. Guests: Morris DeFeo, Partner, Crowell & Moring, Greg McCaffrey, [...]

Market Intelligence: Episode 76

Jamie Bratten, of EZ GovOpps identities some of the big contract opportunities coming out, judges the current health of the [...]

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Market Trends & Analysis: Episode 66

Roger Ervin of LMI and James Bratten of EZ Gov Opps share their analysis of the current market, future trends [...]

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Mergers & Acquisitions in 2014: Episode 61

2014 is predicted to be a dynamic period for mergers and acquisitions in government contracting. Learn which criteria sellers and [...]

2014 Preview: Episode 60

2013 was not an easy year for government and industry. Guests weigh in on 2014's hot button issues for contractors, [...]

2013 Retrospective: Episode 59

Government Contracting Weekly looks back at the biggest moments of government contracting in 2013. Featuring: Mike Fischetti, Executive Director, National [...]

Federal IT Acquisition & Analytics: Episode 47

This episode covers Business Intelligence, Federal IT acquisition, proper use of data analytics, acquisition reform, and how to overcome obstacles [...]

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