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Contractors & Data Breaches: Episode 105

After a series of high-profile cyber intrusions in recent months have alarmed congressional leaders and security experts, our cyber panel investigates [...]

Contracting with Customs & Border Protection: Episode 99

How can contractors find the best opportunities at the Customs & Border Protection Agency? Procurement officials from the agency weigh [...]

Doing Business With The Intelligence Community: Episode 90

Find out how to capture contracts with intelligence agencies, find procurement opportunities without a clearance, and which prospects are available [...]

Technology Acquisition & Border Protection: Episode 80

Mark Borkowski, Assistant Commissioner, Office of Technology Innovation & Acquisition, Customs & Border Protection discusses which technologies are vital to [...]

How Cybersecurity Affects You: Episode 74

Guests discuss the reality of current cyber threats, new regulations, the role of FISMA, and how a firm's level of [...]

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Law Enforcement in GovCon: Episode 73

Contract opportunities for law enforcement have rebounded and are once again on the rise. Guests cover the intersection between law [...]

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Physical Security: Episode 63

Mike Roberts, President of Global Integrated Security and Andrew Goldsmith, VP of Marketing at Rapiscan System discuss the security operations [...]

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Cyber Threats & Future Conflicts: Episode 41

Panel of experts discuss cyber threats as the premiere component of future conflicts, the major players, as well as how [...]

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Delivering Creative Solutions in the Defense Market: Episode 39

Andy Black, CEO of Navanti Group and Dennis Kelly, President & CEO of A-T Solutions weigh in on financial and [...]

The Role of Military Women: Episode 33

Government Contracting Weekly and the United States Navy Memorial salute the many women who have served, past and present. Special [...]