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Contractors & Data Breaches: Episode 105

After a series of high-profile cyber intrusions in recent months have alarmed congressional leaders and security experts, our cyber panel investigates [...]

Social Media & The GSA: Episode 98

How the government uses social media as a communications tool to amplify its message. Featuring Jeff Koses, Senior Procurement Executive, [...]

Top Issues Affecting Federal Technology: Episode 95

Learn which important business policies are impacting federal technology right now and what position the Professional Services Council is advocating [...]

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Technology Acquisition & Border Protection: Episode 80

Mark Borkowski, Assistant Commissioner, Office of Technology Innovation & Acquisition, Customs & Border Protection discusses which technologies are vital to [...]

Data Management: Episode 79

Doug Putnam of Quantitative Software Management and Mark Weber of NetApp discuss data mining, management, and the cloud. Guests weigh [...]

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How Cybersecurity Affects You: Episode 74

Guests discuss the reality of current cyber threats, new regulations, the role of FISMA, and how a firm's level of [...]

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Science & Technology Initiatives at DHS: Episode 64

Dr. Gerstein, Under Secretary for the Science & Technology Directorate, Department of Homeland Security discusses how the directorate shapes the [...]

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Reinventing Technology Services: Episode 53

Learn how Nuance Communications and the 1901 Group are shaking up the public and private sectors through voice recognition technology, [...]

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Federal IT Acquisition & Analytics: Episode 47

This episode covers Business Intelligence, Federal IT acquisition, proper use of data analytics, acquisition reform, and how to overcome obstacles [...]

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Security Trends: Episode 42

Gigi Schumm VP of Symantec, Public Sector talks security efforts in the contracting industry, particularly data management, cyber protection and [...]